Holiday art day rock painting website image

Holiday Rock Painting

Turn rocks into adorable, one of a kind holiday decorations while sipping cocoa and snacking on festive treats during Orange City Arts' first Holiday Art day!
Holiday art day chalk art website image

Chalk Art on Cloth

Students will learn chalk art technique to create their own unique nativity scenes or winter landscapes on black cloth! Bring home a lovely holiday display piece to show off in the years to come.
Holiday pour paint 2

Pour Painting

A new take on an old idea, pour paint uses a fun and messy technique to create abstract art that is colorful and full of life!

Upcycled Art: Voice and Choice

Learn and grow as a young artist with Teaching Artist Breann White! After learning how to use the concepts of Line, Color, Shape, and Texture, students will use the skills they’ve acquired to create completely unique, individual works of art using the materials of their choice.
oil watercolor resist

Oil and Watercolor...Resist!

Explore the power and influence of color and engage in the science of oil and water resistance to create beautiful, self-motivated works of art.

Art 101

REGISTER HERE! Channel your inner artist during this exciting…