Cody Bauer

“I am normal,” Cody Bauer insists. Maybe. But listing his likes and dislikes backs up the claim. Given a choice, he’d just as soon spend spare time with his family. What’s more, tell him to go fly a kite, and he will, gleefully. Loves it. All of that doesn’t imply that he isn’t an ardent arts supporter. “Life without great art,” he says, “is like drinking decaf coffee—what’s the point?” Cody’s spent hours in theatre himself — mostly behind the scenes. He was a founding member of the SchoolHouse Theater Company, in those early years heading administration, fundraising and vision. And he serves on Northwestern’s theater patron board. He joined the OCA board because he believes OCA “has the ability to define what Orange City is,” and because “it brings so much joy to those who choose OC as their home.” As he and his wife have, by the way. “Normal,” he says. Maybe so. Just not into decaf.