Quotable Quote:

“We serve a God who is the most powerful creative force in the universe. We’re made in his image, so it’s only natural that we express our creativity in a multitude of ways. I love seeing what others do with their creativity.”

-Mark Volkers

Mark Volkers-Vice President

Mark Volkers teaches digital media production at Dordt, but served as a missionary in an African village for seven years and has been a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker for Christian Reformed World Missions. His film, The Fourth World, won over 30 awards, including the Telly Awards in Cinematography and Documentary.

Mark loves taekwondo, gardening, reading, travel, Indian food… and street performers. He and his wife Janelle enjoy camping, especially with their three kids and two grandkids. Mark is on the board of the Iowa Motion Picture Association, the Back to God Ministries International, Prairie Grass Productions and Calvary CRC in Orange City. And he’s vice-president of the board of the Orange City Arts Council.

He especially appreciates the summertime entertainment each week, provided by the Arts Council. “What a contribution to our town!”

His claim to fame? He once outran a cheetah in Africa… “with help from my motorcycle.”