Quotable Quote

“Art is important because it enhances our capacity for empathy. With great art comes understanding, not always in the form of words, but in the feeling that you’ve touched something that is outside yourself.”
– Nate Mastbergen

Nathan Mastbergen

Nathan Mastbergen loves Onstage because he loves the way all those great evenings in the park downtown bring people together. That’s not all he loves. He really loves soccer (he played at NW and now coaches there). He loves lawn games on warm summer nights, and board games on cold winter nights. He loves movies, and speech and theatre and literature classes (he teaches English at MOC-Floyd Valley). Truth be told, he loves being part of the lives of his students. And teaching, period. Beginning to catch a pattern here? Well, there’s more, a whole lot more.

Coming soon: Nate Mastbergen is engaged. He and Megan Ott are planning a wedding for this summer. And you might catch them at Onstage OC too!