Meet Robert

We want you to meet our friend Robert. He’s a people person, in his late fifties. He’s a talker. He has a great smile. And he has this amazing way about him that instantly makes you feel as if you are his best friend.

Recently, Robert sent us an email. We knew he’d had some health problems, but didn’t know the seriousness of his diagnosis: “headaches, dizziness, falls… rapidly progressive dementia with predominant frontal lobe impairment.”

Robert wrote: “I just say this now, in case a year from now I don’t know who you are — how much I totally appreciate Orange City Arts. You have enriched my life — our lives — beyond measure.

What a gift — those words from Robert. And it got us thinking.

When you provide the opportunity to enjoy world-class artistry at an affordable price, you don’t just give your neighbors a good time, or an hour’s worth of entertainment. No, your impact goes deeper: you give Robert, and others like him, a chance to feel included once more in a world that is full of vibrance — immediate and present, not fading. Quite literally, you mean the world to him.