Orange City Arts During the COVID-19 Crisis

Greetings from the kitchen table, my new COVID-19 inspired office! I miss you all.

We are doing everything we can as an organization to help keep you healthy during these strange times. Sadly, this mostly means not doing what we are here in this community to do.

We are committed to following both the governor’s mandates as well as the prevailing wisdom of health and infectious disease experts to minimize the risk to you, our patrons.

With this in mind, ETHEL + Robert Mirabal’s April 20th performance of The River has been rescheduled for November 13th, 2020. Summer Suites 2020 has been cancelled, but we look forward to bringing it back in 2021.

At this time, we still plan to produce a full season of Onstage Orange City’s weekly concerts in the park beginning on June 17th, but will continue to carefully monitor the advice of the Department of Health during this unprecedented situation and will keep our community informed of any changes.

Thank you all for your support! We miss you and look forward to welcoming you back into our audience spaces once again.

Be well. Much love,

Lindsay Bauer, Executive Director

If you have tickets to either of the above mentioned performances in the 2019-20 Season, please use the following form to indicate your preference for the use of those funds.