Orange City Arts Council Seeks Executive Director

The arts council seeks a person with creative vision, as well as organizational and communication skills. The new director must have a passion for the arts, negotiate with artists and agents, conduct committee meetings, develop and execute marketing plans and handle event logistics. Strategic planning and fundraising would be an important part of this person’s role. (Approx. 30 hours a week)

Orange City Arts is a 40-year-old organization that embraces the visual and performance arts. The arts program includes weekly summer performances, a series of prestigious performances during the remainder of the year, an arts extravaganza, arts classes, exhibits, school programs and more.

The mission of the Orange City Arts Council is to enrich our community by showcasing artists, facilitating arts education and supporting local creative talent.

Application Deadline: January 9, 2017

Start Date: March 1, 2017

Description & Responsibilities

The Executive Director of Orange City Arts is an exciting position that requires vision, creativity, and industry for the successful completion of many arts-related activities throughout the year.
OCA-sponsored performing events (Onstage OC and Beyond Onstage) require locating artists and drawing up and signing occasionally complicated contracts; recruiting staffing for ticket-taking; contacting area schools about afternoon programs and workshops.

    • OCA Art exhibits require finding ways to call for submissions, locating judges, designing exhibits, determining prizes, and removing art work afterwards.
    • OCA arts classes require creating interesting courses, finding both qualified instructors and interesting settings for the classes.
    • OCA activities of all types require marketing skills like creating press releases, fliers, and brochures, doing media interviews, and taking at least some of the required photography.
    • OCA activities of all types require bookkeeping skills, including keeping track of donors, registrants, attendance, as well as recording audience and community comments about performances.
    • OCA activities require planning for board meetings, fund-raising, future possibilities, and required and extensive sub-committee work.
    • OCA activities profit from a director’s attendance at and association with Iowa Arts Council’s annual meetings and various similar activities created to benefit state and regional local arts programs.

The list itself could be exhausting, but the position of director has been greatly aided by not only the work of the OCA administrator, but also significant volunteer help from the Board and the community. The ability to delegate the work required for successful OCA events is itself a requirement of the position. Be assured, the Executive Director will have help.

Work Experience & Online Application

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