Meet the Artist: Yun Shin

Meet the Artist is a series of interviews with the Iowa Arts Council Artist Fellows.

Yun Shin of Orange City is a Korean artist who believes that the process of making is a way of reconstructing relationships and remembering home. Relying on family treasures for inspiration, she reinterprets them by engaging in the intense process with repetitive movement. Labor and time, the very process of making, which is hidden and invested within each object, become the significant part of her work. She has exhibited her work at Woman Made Gallery, Chicago in 2014 and Pen and Brush, New York in 2015. She holds a MFA in studio art at the University of Texas and a BFA degree in craft and material studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently teaches painting, drawing, sculpture, and ceramics at Northwestern College as an assistant professor.

What themes does your work deal with?
I work to approach containment and preservation from an emotive place. I am fascinated by objects that belong to my family members. In learning to live with my emotional past and relationships, I value the physical look and details of each object. I especially appreciate handcrafted objects that my mother crocheted, such as sheets, covers and curtains. IMG_7512 Yun ShinThrough recreating the objects based on my own personal interpretation, I start to understand the intense process of working alone in contemplation. I transform objects to preserve not only objects but also my memories and relationships.

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