Not to brag, but…

The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs launched a new campaign in December, aimed at convincing Iowans to polish up their hidden gems and shamefully share their best and brightest.

“We’ve had so many conversations with Iowans across the state, and it’s clear that towns across the map have too many of their own best-kept secrets,” said Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs Director Mary Cownie. The Iowa Arts Council is part of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

“I’m a member of the Iowa Arts Council board,” said Janine Calsbeek, director of Orange City Arts. “We in Iowa have a lot to be proud of that people may not know.”

Part of the push is the 50th anniversary of the Iowa Arts Council and Iowa’s 170th birthday. In fact, it’s also the 40th year since Orange City Arts was founded.

In conjunction with the “#NotToBrag” campaign, Orange City Arts is inviting residents in and around Sioux County to send in their stories. Bragging isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged! Orange City Arts is looking for amazing people, places, art, music and film having to do with Sioux County and Orange City to highlight all through 2017.

See the Iowa kick-off video below.

Send your story to Orange City Arts at, with “Not to Brag” in the subject line.