Olga Alvarado

If you need someone to spin cotton candy, Olga Alvarado not only will do it, she can—and make caramel and candy apples too, by the way. She’s experienced. How many people you know can perform such artistry? Olga works as a graphic designer at Staples Promotional Products, Orange City, and considers herself—and is—primarily a visual artist. She’s enjoying her time on the Council because she says she’d like to learn more about the performing arts and art education. She’s busy with other activities as well, including helping plan Festival Latino each year. She lives in OC, but she has the most exotic birthplace of anyone on the Council—Bogota, Colombia. What brought her to Orange City? Love. It’s a story of star-crossed carnies hop-scotching across the state of Minnesota, one of them in the Sugar Shack, the other…Well, you’ll just have to ask.