Quotable Quote

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Char Ten Clay – Vice President

That Char Ten Clay was the class clown misuses the language. She still is. She was a “fat little butterball turkey”–her description—at birth, an event that startlingly took place right after her preacher/father finished his Thanksgiving sermon. She has years of 4-H experience behind her (we won’t say how many), and yet today “grunts” (that’s a verb; she’s the director’s helper) for the OC community band. By day (and by night) she is the director of senior care services of the OC Area Health System. “The arts enrich the world around us,” she says, “and promoting them is noble work.” Sounds very serious, doesn’t it? But don’t let all that high falutin’ stuff fool you. She’s still a clown.