Quotable Quote:

“Art is made to disturb, science reassures.”
– Georges Braque

John Buntsma

When he’s not doing volunteer work throughout the community, John Buntsma is a copy editor at Staples, a wordsmith who exercises quality control over what the company proclaims to the public. Musically, he’s a stickler for vinyl–just ask him about his prized collection of great old albums. OCAC pulled him out of retirement since he is already a decorated veteran of the organization, having served another term in days of old, a quarter century ago. Even though he claims to have been born in the very bosom of tulip country, that flowery world was in the heart of the Netherlands, not Sioux County. “I like that the council is bringing many, many diverse arts opportunities to the community and the area,” he says, as well he should. He’s one of four OCAC members who were born abroad.