Meet Mullin

Mullin audition? Absolutely not!

Mullin did not want to audition for King Arthur’s Quest. It was scary. But his sister loved being part of Missoula Children’s Theatre and his parents, Jennie and Paul, try to push him out of his comfort zone.

But he was 13, with some special needs, and he was nervous.

“What if I look stupid?” “What if I get a big part?” “What if I can’t do it?” He gave it a shot and the auditions went well, but when Vicki & Augustus from Missoula asked if anyone wanted to be an assistant director, Mullin’s hand shot up.

He LOVED it! He likes to learn how things operate—and that’s just what happens in Missoula. You learn about costumes, props, make-up, everything—in one week.

He had an important role. Like a puppeteer, he was there to make sure the show happened, that 54 kids were onstage—with props—when they were supposed to be. He did not have a “token role.” He was vital to the success of the production, and knew it. Jennie told us he felt validated, and important. Confident. And those feelings lasted much longer than the one-week production.

“Art enriches lives,” she says. “And in Orange City Arts, there’s a place for everyone.”

Thank you for creating a place for Mullin—and all of us.