Noah Adams

Noah Adams is an art lover who, at Northwestern College, majored in political science and sociology. He’s an MOC-FV grad, the son of the superintendent, and the husband of the school nurse. And now he works at Blue Mountain Culinary Emporium & spends a lot of time with his kids, Malakye and Elly. He’s active in the Orange City Poetry Slam group, “The Pulp,” and also loves writing, film, visual arts (especially photography) and music (especially jazz). He owns a didgeridoo but has no idea how to play it.

He’d like to see the Arts Council bring different types of people together simply because of the beauty of art, and what it can do for the soul, he said. “I guess that would imply that I want to learn more about the meaning of life, perhaps?”

Noah and Brittany love to sing and dance with their kids and, much of the year, can be spotted bicycling around town.