Terry Mouw

Terry Mouw can’t be categorized. His favorite music is 60s rock & roll, but he listens to more than the Beach Boys. He likes everything from classical to jazz and blues… and his favorite movie is Les Miserables, because of the music. In fact, one reason why he likes the Onstage Orange City summer series is because it exposes people to a variety of music. (“And it’s free!”)
Terry is an engineer with Diamond Vogel Paints, and he’s a sound guy — he has run sound for churches and community events for over 15 years. He and his wife Joey have also been onstage in a few Tulip Fest productions. And they love traveling, and have been all over the U.S. and to Greece, Portugal, France, Sweden, Russia, and Italy. He believes strongly in respecting each person, and values the cultural diversity that others bring to our community… including musicians with the Beyond Onstage series.
Terry’s friends and family love him for many reasons, but especially for his hobbies: winemaking and cooking Italian food.